by Yolanda Flores

1. Mayans lived in several countries, including .

2. They held ceremonies in buildings called .

3. The buildings have been unearthed by .

4. An ancient Mayan city that has been unearthed in Guatemala is .

5. The ancient city of Copan is located in .

6. Tourists who go to Cancun can visit Chichen Itza in this country .

7. Animals were important symbols to the Mayans. This animal symbolized war: .

8. Open pits that were used to make sacrifices to the gods were called .

9. An important food for the Mayans was: .

10. Mayan parents would hang small beads over their children. They held in high esteem eyes that were .

11. The Mayans played a religious game. The losers would be sacrificed to the gods if they lost the game of .

12. Today, Mayan descendents live .

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