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Male doll or sculpture with baskets representing the culture of the Bahamas. Bahamian man sculpted with a wire frame, face, and arms.  His shirt and pants are made from cloth, and then covered with a glue or lacquer to harden. He is wearing a straw hat and is making straw baskets. His wooden stand has sand glued to it. Tag: “In the beginning was wire and desire and the union was good. Then came along determination and that was good. Then a world where Native lifestyles are depicted. Welcome to our world. The Lil Locals World - Lofft Touch A Charlow Creation. Hand sculptured in the Bahamas.”

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Location: Caribbean island

Capital: Nassau

Main language: English

Currency: Bahamian Dollar


Construction: wire, straw

Height in Centimeters: 25

Height in Inches: 10

Wild Boar and Lusca: Real and Legendary Animals of the Bahamas

Reading Level: 4.40

My name is Edmund and I live on Andros Island—the largest island of the Bahamas. The island is made up of mud flats, forests and beautiful beaches. Not very many people live on Andros. However, lots of tourists visit because we have great fishing. Lots of animals live on Andros. We have enormous iguanas, wild boar, deer, and a monster called Lusca.

As you can tell from my picture, I make baskets for a living. I cut the palm fronds for my baskets from the trees in the forest.  Last week, as I was cutting the palm leaves with my machete, I heard a grunt. I didn’t have to turn around to know it was a wild boar. I slowly gathered up my leaves and tried to remain calm.  I had my machete ready to use if it was necessary.

I began to walk very slowly toward the opening of the forest, hoping the boar would not follow me. But I was wrong. I glanced over my shoulder and saw it waddling towards me, grunting with each step. I dropped my leaves so that I could grip the machete with both hands. I stood ready for the attack. Sweat dripped off my face. The wild boar was only ten feet away, and I could smell the odor.

This giant pig, with its long sharp tusks and short curled-up tail seemed to have one mission—to maul me. Suddenly I noticed a smaller, female boar and baby in my path. I realized the male boar was only trying to protect his mate and baby. I quickly moved away from the female boar. I stood very still, and watched the boar family disappear into the dense jungle.

When they were gone, I relaxed the grip on my machete, picked up my leaves, and walked home. After I cleaned up, I decided to go swimming. I made sure to keep away from the blue holes (water caves). I did not want to come in contact with the legendary Lusca. Legend has it that the Lusca are part squid, part octopus and part shark. They can devour a human in no time. My experience with the wild boar was enough adventure for one day!

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