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Children can learn about different cultures through a biography, story, legend, myth, or fairy tale. To provide resources for global awareness and diversity, From Many Lands provides stories, pictures, and maps from countries around the world. The stories are written for students, parents, and teachers. Educators throughout the world are welcome to use this site for school reports, education, entertainment and projects. Students may download images for presentations and use the other resources on this site for classroom activities, enjoyment or enhancement.

Reading Level Story Title Country
2.30 The Pueblo Storyteller: The Tale of the Coyote and the Turtle USA: New Mexico
2.40 The Troll and Three Billy Goats Gruff Norway
2.90 The Legend of the Bluebonnets: A Texan Folktale USA: Texas
3.20 Honesty and the Golden Axe: The Greek Version of Aesop's Fable Cyprus
3.56 Leprechauns -- The Irish Wee Folk. Be Careful What You Wish For! Ireland, Republic
3.60 True Story of Mary Prince: A West Indian Slave Bermuda
3.60 The Zulu Kingdom of South Africa South Africa
3.60 The Corn Husk Doll Legend: Why the Dolls Do Not Have Faces USA: Illinois
3.69 Blackfoot Indian: My First Deer Hunt with Bow and Arrow USA: Montana
3.80 A Doll Called "Smiling Girl" South Africa
3.80 A Letter from Vietnam Vietnam
3.90 An African Safari: Lions, Hippos, Crocodiles, and Giraffes Zimbabwe
4.00 The Story of Anne of Green Gables: A Children's Book from Canada Canada: Prince Edward Island
4.10 Galimoto: A Push Toy Made from Wire, Rags, and Corncobs in Malawi Malawi
4.20 Mark Twain Visits Bermuda: Paradise in the Atlantic Ocean Bermuda
4.20 A Doll for St. David's Day: The Patron Saint of Wales Wales
4.30 Afghanistan, a Country of Veils and Victims: Life for Girls and Women Afghanistan
4.30 The Maiden of the Milky Way: An Estonian Folktale Estonia
4.30 Mayan Story: The Rabbit & the Coyote Guatemala
4.38 Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanguiste: Famous Orchestra of the Democratic Republic of Congo Congo, Democratic Republic
4.40 Wild Boar and Lusca: Real and Legendary Animals of the Bahamas Bahamas
4.40 US Virgin Islands: Sea, Shells, Snorkles, Coral, and Fishermen USA: Virgin Islands
4.45 Portugal: Land of Cork Oak Forests and White Marble Quarries Portugal
4.47 Portugal: Land of Cork Oak Forests and White Marble Quarries Canada: Quebec
4.50 Trail of Tears: Forced Removal of the Cherokees from Georgia USA: Georgia
4.60 An Hungarian Folk Tale: It's Not True Hungary
4.60 Naadam Festival in Mongolia: Archery, Horse Racing, and Wrestling Mongolia
4.60 Eureka Springs, Arkansas: Healing Waters in the Ozark Mountains USA: Arkansas
4.60 Sacagawea: The Shoshone Who Helped the Lewis and Clark Expedition USA: Idaho
4.60 Hurricane Katrina: The Day the Music Died in New Orleans USA: Louisiana
4.70 Straw Figures Made with Saskatchewan Wheat Canada: Saskatchewan
4.70 Chocolate Farming with Cacao Trees Honduras
4.70 The Story of Rama & Sita from the Hindu Epic, Ramayana India
4.70 An Irish Shepherd Girl: Encounter with a Wolf Ireland, Republic
4.70 The Story of the Race to Divide a Caribbean Island into Two Countries Sint (St.) Maarten
4.70 Mining Silver in Colorado: My Great-grandfather's Story USA: Colorado
4.70 Draw and Color with Uncle Fred Lasswell: Snuffy Smith Artist USA: Florida
4.70 Sitting Bull: From Custer's Last Stand to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show USA: South Dakota
4.79 Moses and the Ten Commandments: Rules That Make Us Better People Egypt
4.80 Making Steel Drums in Barbados Barbados
4.80 The Story of Henry VIII: The English King Who Longed for a Son England: United Kingdom
4.80 Katherine Parr: 6th Wife of King Henry VIII (the "Last Wife") England: United Kingdom
4.80 A Dutch Milkmaid: Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid Netherlands
4.80 Life in Scotland: Golf, Kilts, and the Loch Ness Monster Scotland
4.80 Nevada: Dams and Deserts USA: Nevada
4.90 A Visit with an Australian Swagman and His Cattle Dog Australia
4.90 Titanic Disaster and Rescue Efforts Canada: Nova Scotia
4.90 The "Magic Coffee Beans" Story (Mercado Central in San Jose) Costa Rica
4.90 Loving and Leaving Ireland: The Story of Annie Moore Ireland, Republic
4.90 Dancing the Tamborito: The National Dance and Song of Panama Panama
4.90 Deaf, Blind, & Smart: Story of Helen Keller & Teacher Anne Sullivan USA: Alabama
4.90 Tracking a Bear in Alaska: Eskimo's Food Source for the Winter USA: Alaska
4.90 Panning for Gold in California: Not Everyone Stuck it Rich USA: California
4.90 Guard Llamas to the Rescue: Protecting Sheep in Maine USA: Maine
4.95 The Myth of the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
5.05 Amelia Earhart: Pilot from Kansas Who Disappeared in Pacific Ocean USA: Kansas
5.10 The Story of Sir Winston Churchill: Britain's Bulldog, Coach and Leader England: United Kingdom
5.10 Our Lady of Guadalupe: Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Mexico
5.10 A Volcano Named La Soufriere St. Vincent and the Grenadines
5.10 Searching for A Bell for Ursli: Children's Classic from Switzerland Switzerland
5.10 Fishing in Alaska: The Exhausting Life of Salmon Fish USA: Alaska
5.13 Storks in Armenia: Stork Girls Working with Next Neighbors to Study the Birds Armenia
5.20 The Secrets of Oak Island: An Expensive Treasure Hunt Canada: Nova Scotia
5.20 Katherine Howard: 5th Wife of King Henry VIII (his "Rose without a Thorn") England: United Kingdom
5.20 Big Winner from a Small Country: Hanni Wenzel Liechtenstein
5.20 Abadeha, Filipina Cinderella: A Folktale from the Philippines Philippines
5.20 The Story of Raggedy Ann: A Labor of Love by Johnny Gruelle USA: Indiana
5.20 Hurricane Camille Hits Mississippi USA: Mississippi
5.30 Cayman Island Attractions: Swim with Stingrays and Visit Turtle Farm Cayman Islands
5.30 The Story of Diana Princess of Wales: The People's Princess England: United Kingdom
5.30 The Sisimite Creatures of Belize: A Story by my Maya Grandfather Belize
5.30 The Story of Ashima: A Chinese Legend of Love China
5.30 Life and Bats in the Andes Mountains Colombia
5.30 Catching Rabbits for Dinner Honduras
5.30 Folktales under the Northern Lights: Why the Bear is Stumpy-Tailed Norway
5.30 The Shofar: An Ancient Musical Instrument Made from a Ram's Horn USA: New York
5.40 African Baka Pygmies: People Who Hunt and Gather in Forests Cameroon
5.40 Prague: Famous Clock, Castle, and Rescue under the Charles Bridge Czech Republic
5.40 Jane Seymour: 3rd Wife of King Henry VIII; Mother of King Edward VI England: United Kingdom
5.40 Spice Island: Leaper's Hill and Tourists Grenada
5.40 Living in an Israeli Kibbutz Israel
5.40 Onna-Bugeisha: Female Samurai in Japanese History Japan
5.45 Body Art in New Zealand: Native Maori People and Ta Moko Tattoos New Zealand
5.47 St. Lucia (Sankta Lucia): Festival Bringing Light to Swedish Winters Sweden
5.48 Historic Volcanoes in Martinique : Diamond Rock and Mount Pelee Martinique
5.50 Cruising around Antigua Island: A Caribbean Paradise Antigua
5.50 The Story of Mozart's Childhood: Music by Mozart Austria
5.50 Anne Boleyn: 2nd Wife of King Henry VIII; Mother of Queen Elizabeth I England: United Kingdom
5.50 Hopi Indians: Keeping Our Culture with Katsina Dance and Dolls USA: Arizona
5.50 The Legend of Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier USA: Tennessee
5.50 The Republic of Venezuela: Also Called "Little Venice" Venezuela
5.60 Genghis Khan: Father of Mongolia Mongolia
5.60 Podhale Poland: Area of Religion, Legends, Mountains and Highlanders Poland
5.60 Making Wicker Baskets for the Royals in the Slovakian Castle Slovakia
5.60 The Legend of Pele: Hawaii's Goddess of Fire USA: Hawaii
5.65 Drive-In Volcano at Sulphur Springs Park in St. Lucia and Gabriel's Hole St. Lucia
5.70 Harvesting Salt in BVI: Salt Island in the Caribbean British Virgin Islands
5.70 The Emperor's Daughter: A Story of Life in the Forbidden City China
5.70 A Donkey Named Perico: A Cuban Legend Cuba
5.70 Machu Picchu: Lost City of the Incas, High in the Peruvian Mountains Peru
5.73 The Story of Chief Little Crow: Hero or Villain in the 1862 US-Dakota War? USA: Minnesota
5.80 Mariya Stadnik: Inspiring Girls to Excel in Women's Freestyle Wrestling Azerbaijan
5.80 Matryoshka - Russian Nesting Dolls Russia
5.80 Gauchos and Chinas: The Cowboys and Cowgirls of Rural Argentina Argentina
5.80 The Story of Carmen Miranda: The Lady in the Tutti-Frutti Hat Brazil
5.80 A Prince Edward Island Ghost Story: Tolling of the Bell Canada: Prince Edward Island
5.80 Traditions of a Hindu Wedding India
5.80 Amber Fort Palace: Hall of Mirrors India
5.80 Maherero Day Festival: Honoring Warriors and Celebrating Freedom Namibia
5.80 The Day My World Shook: Earthquake on Mount Everest Nepal
5.80 Turks and Caicos: A British Crown Colony of Islands in the Sea Turks & Caicos
5.90 Ice Hockey: Canada's National Sport Canada: Alberta
5.90 Anchua Tribe in Ecuador Amazon Forest vs. the Big Oil Companies Ecuador
5.90 The Story of Socrates: A Great Teacher Greece
5.90 The Story of Gandhi: Father of India India
5.90 The Land of a Million Elephants Laos
5.90 Corazon (Cory) Aquino: The First Female President in the Philippines Philippines
5.90 Fishing for Crabs in Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
5.91 Working at Salar de Uyuni: The Largest Salt Flat in the World Bolivia
5.97 Lebanon: Dabke National Dance of Help and Assistance Lebanon
6.00 My Amish Life: Humility, Modesty, Obedience, Equality and Simplicity USA: Ohio
6.00 Betsy Ross and Her Famous Flag USA: Pennsylvania
6.10 The Cricket Match: A National Pastime in the Bahamas Bahamas
6.10 The Island of Sicily: A Magical Italian Island Italy
6.20 Radiation, Relocation and Rejection: How Chernobyl Changed My Life Belarus
6.20 Catherine of Aragon: 1st Wife of King Henry VIII; Mother of Queen Mary I England: United Kingdom
6.20 Anne of Cleves: 4th Wife of King Henry VIII (the "Ugly Wife") England: United Kingdom
6.20 My Daughter's Decision to Stay in Haiti Haiti
6.20 A Wedding in Pakistan Pakistan
6.20 Nadia Comaneci: Perfect Score in Gymnastics at 14 Romania
6.23 Mormon Migration from Illinois to Salt Lake City: A Beehive of Activity USA: Utah
6.29 Coffee Picker's Life in the Mountains Nicaragua
6.30 South Carolina Gullah Geechee: Making Sweetgrass Baskets on a Coastal Island USA: South Carolina
6.30 Living in Nunavut: Cold, Dark, Treeless Wonderland in Northern Canada Canada: Nunavut
6.30 Living in Masouleh, Iran: The Mountain Village Built on Rooftops Iran
6.30 The Man Who Wrote Pinocchio: Carving a Boy from Wood Italy
6.36 Harley Davidson Motorcycles: Two Young Men with a Dream USA: Wisconsin
6.50 Garifuna Settlement Day: Celebrating the Arrival of the "Black Caribs" Belize
6.50 A Visit to Islamabad: Learning about the Muslim Culture Pakistan
6.60 Chess in Croatia: The Legend of the Chessboard on the Croatian Flag Croatia
6.60 Brothers Grimm: Publishers of Hansel & Gretel and Grimm's Fairy Tales Germany
6.60 Melania Trump: From Small Town Girl to First Lady in the White House Slovenia
6.70 George Washington Visits Barbados Barbados
6.70 Slave Trade on the Butterfly Island of Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean Guadeloupe
6.80 Italian Holiday Giver of Gifts: The Legend of La Befana Italy
6.80 Thomas Jefferson and His Fiddle USA: Virginia
6.90 Wild Elephants in India: A Revered Animal to Hindus and Buddhists India
6.90 Songkran: Thailand New Year and Water Festival Thailand
7.00 Living in Poland: A Country that Suffered During World War II Poland
7.20 The Legend of Lace Making in Belgium Belgium
7.20 Aino's Story: From Finnish Mythology Finland
7.20 Bear-Slayer: Latvia's Super Hero and the Long Road to Independence Latvia
7.50 Pirates in the Caribbean: Fun Making Movies in the Bahamas Bahamas
7.50 A WhatNot for Viola: The Grand Market in Kingston Jamaica Jamaica
7.70 A Poem About a Canadian Log Drive: "Logging on Colter's Crew" Canada: New Brunswick
7.70 The Independence Day Celebration: Freedom from The Netherlands Indonesia
7.70 Cross Country Skiing: The National Pastime Norway
7.80 Gustavo Eiffel and the Eiffel Tower: Conflict, Critics, and Creative Genius France
9.90 A Delaware Indian Legend and the Story of Their Troubles USA: Delaware