Scottish Culture: "Battleship" Game by Richard Walker

The Questions
A Scotsman often wears a skirt-like garment called a .
Scottish people often wear a unique plaid called a , which identifies their clan.
To call his armed warriors to the , the Clan Chief would send a lighted torch to the top of the highest Mountain.
A mountain in the Scottish Highlands is called a .
The "Sgian Dubh" is the Gaelic word for a , which is worn in a highlanders wool stocking or sock.
The formal jacket worn with a kilt is called a .
The Highlanders were often invaded by the who stayed and married the local women.
On long walks in the Highland, Scots often ate rolled made into small cakes.
A Scottish "bonnie lass" is a .
A loch is a that was created by a glacier.
A major export of Scotland is , which is made from the peaty water of the Highlands.
The Scottish word for valley is .
The two-handed sword carried by Highland warriors is called a .
The forced removal of the Scottish Clans from the Highlands were called the .
The national flower of Scotland is the , which also grows in Florida.

To win you need to sink the Fleet.
The Fleet consists of one Battleship (3 cells), one Minesweeper (2 cells) and two Submarines (1 cell each).
If you get an answer correct, you can click below and fire one shot.

Aim carefully, there are more cells than questions!
Good Luck!