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The Hindu caste system has four major castes in its culture, including Bhamin (priests), Kshatriya (warriors), Viasya (merchants), and the lowest caste is Sudra (peasants). The Kshatriya caste has traditionally been associated with warriors and rulers who protect the land from attackers and maintain order. This figure of a Kshatriya warrior has a hand-carved wooden head, and a stuffed fabric torso. He is holding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other.

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Location: Asia

Capital: New Delhi

Main language: Hindi, English

Currency: Indian Rupee


Construction: wood, cloth

Height in Centimeters: 40

Height in Inches: 16

The Story of Gandhi: Father of India

Reading Level: 5.90

For thousands of years, India was ruled by different dynasties and kingdoms. Many wars were fought by warriors, known as Kshatriya. Other countries, such as Great Britain, France, and Portugal took advantage of all the fighting and built colonies in India. India had millions of people, and most were very poor. Some of the people were Hindu and some were Muslim.

In 1869 a baby boy was born in India. His name was Mahatma Gandhi. He was a shy little boy who did not have very many friends. He liked to read books, and spent most of his time alone.

In India, parents arrange the marriages for their children. When Gandhi was 13 years old, his parents selected a young bride and they were married. After Gandhi finished high school, he went to London and became a lawyer.

For the next 20 years, Gandhi worked in South Africa and India. He tried to make things better for the poor people in India. By that time, the British were ruling India. They made rules that the Indian people did not like. Instead of fighting the British, Gandhi told everyone that they should use “passive resistance.” In other words, he wanted to fight with words instead of bullets.

Many times, the British put Gandhi and others in prison. Many times they tortured and beat the people of India. Still Gandhi did not want to fight. Instead, he organized marches and strikes. He convinced people all over India to stop working. Gandhi asked the people again and again to be peaceful and not violent.

Finally, after many, many years, the British stopped fighting the Indian people and granted them their independence. This was a victory for India and a victory for Gandhi. Great Britain, a very powerful nation, had been defeated by a peaceful revolution.

Mahatma Gandhi is known as the “Father of the India.” He truly believed in peace and harmony. He wanted everyone to live together in peace.

However, when the British left, they divided India into two parts. One part is named Pakistan (and most of the Muslims live there). The other part is called India (and the Hindus live there). Soon the Hindus and Muslims started fighting.

Once more, Gandhi went on a hunger strike so the people would stop fighting. He was 78 years old. After 5 days, the leaders said they would stop fighting, and Gandhi broke his fast. Twelve days later, a Hindu man, who did not like Gandhi’s ideas of peace and tolerance for all people, killed Gandhi with three bullets. It is very sad that such a peaceful man had such a violent death.

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