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This handcrafted porcelain doll is part of Schneider’s European Folklore Collection. Schneider has been producing handmade dolls in Germany since 1934. This female doll is wearing the national costume for Luxembourg—a white hat with lace trim and a blue dirndl. Her apron has the coat of arms from Luxembourg painted on the front. She is wearing white pantaloons and black shoes. Certificate: “This exclusive doll has been designed by Walter Schneider GmbH & Co, KG for the discerning collector. We guarantee herewith the authenticity and high quality of the doll.  Each detail has been hand-crafted by skilled artisans.”

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Location: Europe

Capital: Luxembourg City

Main language: Luxembourgish, German, French

Currency: EURO


Construction: rubber, porcelain

Height in Centimeters: 30

Height in Inches: 12

Charlotte Grand Duchess of Luxembourg: Saving a Country by Running Away

Reading Level: 5.57

My name is Charlotte and I was the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. Some countries have Kings and Queens; we have Dukes and Duchesses. Luxembourg is very small. It lies right between Germany, France, and Belgium. Compared to the United States, it is smaller than Rhode Island!

My father was Grand Duke William IV. I grew up in a castle with my sisters. When dad died, my older sister, Marie Adelaide, became the Duchess of Luxembourg.  All went well until Germany invaded our country in 1914. Marie Adelaide thought that if she was nice to the Germans, everything would be OK.  That did not happen.  Germany quickly invaded Luxembourg.

When World War I was over (1919), the Germans left Luxembourg. However, the Luxembourg people were very mad at my sister. They felt she had betrayed them by being “nice” to the enemy.  Finally, they forced her to resign. The people agreed that I could be the Grand Duchess.  I was thrilled the Luxembourgers wanted me. However, I had a lot to learn about being a leader. 

The next 20 years went by quickly.  I married a Prince and had 6 children. All was peaceful in Luxembourg until World War II.  In 1940, the German Nazis were on their way invade Luxembourg. I had to make a very tough decision. Should I stay (like my sister did), or should I leave? My heart said “Stay” and my brain said “Go.”

Finally, my advisors convinced me that I should flee before I was captured. Late at night, we drove to France (which was still free). For the next 5 years, my family was in exile in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada. During this time, I spoke to the people in Luxembourg through the radio. I sent them encouraging messages. I told them I was working with the Allies to free Luxembourg from the Germans.

World War II lasted 6 years. Finally in 1945, the Allies won the war. The Nazis left Luxembourg.  I went home and received a very warm welcome. What joy to be back in the land that I loved!

After the war, I served as Grand Duchess of Luxembourg for another 19 years. During that time, Luxembourg joined many European and world groups. In 1964, I abdicated so my son, Jean, could take over as Grand Duke of Luxembourg. I died in 1985. In 1990 a large statue of me was built in Luxembourg City. I hope you will be able to visit Luxembourg some day.

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