About this Collection

This international doll collection by Dr. Ann E. Barron highlights the culture of hundreds of handcrafted miniatures from around the world. Each multicultural figure was selected to depict the culture of the native country; most of the dolls are hand made by local artisans. Students and teachers throughout the world are welcome to use this site for school reports, cultural activities, education and diversity projects. Cultural games and activities are also available for online, interactive learning.

This site is for educational use only; no commercial use may be made of any of the contents. All content on this site is copyrighted by Ann E. Barron, unless otherwise indicated. Every attempt has been made to secure permissions for any resource that is not original or in the public domain. Although the originators of the resources retain the copyrights, the photographs, stories, etc., may be used freely by teachers and students in educational settings. Please contact us if you note any oversights, and we will remove the resource.

High resolution photos of the dolls on this site, may be obtained from the links provided on each doll page or by visiting the Ann E. Barron Multicultural Miniatures Collection.


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