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Diana, Princess of Whales doll. She is crafted in fine hand painted porcelain by the Franklin Mint. Princess Diana is wearing a stunning re-creation of faux pearl studded gown, a dazzling tiara set with Swarovski crystals, and faux pearl earrings. She is holding a clutch purse and white silk rose.

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England: United Kingdom

Location: Europe

Capital: London

Main language: English

Currency: British Pound


Construction: procelain, beads

Height in Centimeters: 47

Height in Inches: 18

The Story of Diana Princess of Wales: The People's Princess

Reading Level: 5.30

My name is Diana.  In 1961, I was born into a royal family in England. I had two older sisters and one younger brother. We lived in a castle-like home with many rooms and gardens. When I was only three years old, I had my own pony, named Soufflie. What fun it was to ride around the estate. As a child, I was very shy – I played at home most of the time. I also spent a lot of time with nannies and other workers.

When I was eight years old, my parents divorced. My mother moved away, and we lived with Father. I missed Mother a lot. However, I kept myself busy with school and sports. I especially liked swimming, diving and hockey. My parents were friends with Queen Elizabeth, so sometimes I played with her young sons– Prince Albert and Prince Edward.

Prince Charles was the oldest son of Queen Elizabeth. When I was about 16 years old, he was dating my sister Sarah. Their relationship broke up, and when I was 19, Prince Charles and I started dating. He was 13 years older than me. Then, within a year, we had a royal wedding. I was told that 750 million people watched our wedding on television.

However, our marriage was not the fairy tale life I thought it would be. Reporters followed me wherever I went. Prince Charles spent most of his time fishing and hunting. I was very lonely and missed my old friends. Sometimes I didn’t eat very much because I was so depressed.

My life brightened when I gave birth to my first son, Prince William. It was amazing to realize that my son would one day become the King of England! Two years later, another son, Prince Harry, was born. I loved my sons to bits. I spent as much time with them as I could. We had lots of fun playing, skiing, etc. I also took them to meet people throughout Europe. They learned to be compassionate and caring.

It took about 8 years for my marriage to end in divorce. Charles was cold and intellectual, the exact opposite of me. He was also jealous because the people of England loved me. Our divorce became final in 1996. After the divorce, I spent most of my time with my sons and working with charities

As time went on, I started dating a few other men. In 1997, I was in Paris with a friend. Even though I was no longer a “royal” princess, the reporters still followed me everywhere. That night, they chased my car on motorcycles, trying to get pictures of me. When my driver tried to get away from them, the car crashed in a tunnel. Both my friend and I were killed. I was 36 at the time.

The entire world mourned my death. I had become known as the “People’s Princess.”  I was a princess who truly cared about others, including those who were sick, lonely or poor.

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