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This Alaskan doll’s face is made from leather, and his eyes and nose are hand painted. He has dark hair and a large hood on his fur parka. Alaska male doll, handmade from fox, rabbit, moose, calf, and beaver fur. He has a fur parka, with beads on his boots and gloves. His face is made from leather.

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USA: Alaska

Location: Northerm USA

Capital: Juneau

Main language: English

Currency: U.S. dollar


Construction: fur and beads

Height in Centimeters: 25

Height in Inches: 10

Tracking a Bear in Alaska: Eskimo's Food Source for the Winter

Reading Level: 4.90

The white bear raised its head and peered towards the horizon. He was very hungry and though his eyes were weak, his nose made up for what he could not see. He sensed danger as he walked through the deep snow. He stayed close to the water’s edge so he could dive into the ocean to escape. He was not afraid of plunging into the icy sea because his fur coat would protect him.

Not far away, Bayou and his son Carou were carefully stalking the bear. Eskimos rely on seal and bear to feed their family during the winter. Winter lasts a very long time in Alaska. Bajou and Carou had been following the bear for three days. Carou’s mother and grandmother stayed in their house of ice, called an igloo. All igloos are built the same. They are small enough so that everything is within reach. Cooking utensils, sleeping bags, clothes, and food can all be reached without leaving the warmth of the bearskin sleeping bags. Eskimo families only have one or two children because living is very difficult. Carou’s grandmother looks very old. Her teeth are worn down to the gums because one of her jobs is to soften the leather of the animals with her teeth. Most Eskimos marry very young since they do not expect to live long lives.

As Bajou and Carou tracked the bear, they were careful to stay downwind so the bear could not smell them. Inside Bajou’s seal skin bag were several items that would catch this giant bear. He had very sharp fishbones that were rolled up into little balls of blubber fat.

Bayou threw the balls of fishbones where he knew the bear would walk. Sniffing and snorting, the bear arrived at the first ball in his path. He could smell the strong odor of the seal blubber, and he gulped the blubber ball. A few steps further he came upon the second and down it went. He did this until all six had disappeared into his belly.

Bajou and Carou were glad the bear ate the bait. They knew that the sharp bones in the blubber would kill the bear. The hunt was now complete. They could not carry the bear home because it was too heavy. Instead, they skinned the bear and hid some of the meat in the snowy mountain. When they ran out of food, they could return for more meat. As they walked back to their igloo, they were happy that the family would not go hungry this winter.

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