Description of Figure/Doll

A hockey player depicting the culture of sports in Alberta, Canada. The goalie’s skates and hockey stick are made from plastic. The gloves and body guards are made from felt. His body is stuffed material, covered by felt, and his hair is reindeer fur. The emblem on his chest is for the Calgary Flames, a professional ice hockey team based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Tag states: “Fufel: Doll Collection: Handcrafted in Canada ‘Goalie’.”

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Canada: Alberta

Location: Western Canada

Capital: Edmonton

Main language: English, French

Currency: Canadian dollar


Construction: Reindeer fur & felt

Height in Centimeters: 41

Height in Inches: 16

Ice Hockey: Canada's National Sport

Reading Level: 5.90

My name is Joshua, and I’m sitting at center ice in the Calgary Pengrowth Saddledome with my father. We are watching the Calgary Flames play the Montreal Canadians in a thrilling hockey game. As I glance around at the cheering fans, I dream that one day I will be speeding down the ice with the puck beneath my hockey stick. I see myself shifting the puck from left to right, slashing past the defense, speeding around the goalie, and sending the puck to score for the Calgary Flames.

You might say I was born to be a hockey player. My dad gave me my first pair of ice skates when I was three years old. We live close to a lake, and from October to April, the lake is frozen solid. At first, my Dad taught me balance, then I learned speed and agility. Now I can stop on a dime, reverse direction, and take off at full speed again. He taught me how to shift my weight from left to right and how to fake one way and go the other way. 

But there’s more to the Alberta Province of Canada than ice hockey. From our house, we can see the Canadian Rocky Mountains with their beautiful snowy peaks. In the winter, these mountains are full of people who love winter sports. In the summer, people come to hike, camp, and enjoy the scenery. Moose, elk, deer, and bears roam freely through the mountains.

Calgary is a very modern city. Most of the city was built in the past 25 years. We have lots of tourists who come to Calgary. The city has indoor walkways so people can walk through the city without going out in the cold. Many people visit our China town and see the Temple of Heaven and the Hall of Prayers. In July, Calgary has its annual Calgary Stockyard Rodeo, which lasts for ten days. I am proud to say that it is the largest animal event in North America. My entire family goes to the rodeo to watch the bull riding, calf roping, and speed barrel racing.

As I sit with Dad watching the hockey game, he explains the tactics being used by the players. I listen carefully so I can learn as much as possible. Some of the players are Dad’s friends. Sometimes we go into the locker room and get autographs from the players. I hope that one day I will be signing autographs for the Calgary Flames. My Dad tells me that if I work hard and wish hard, those dreams just might come true.

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