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These two dolls are made with yarn.Their facial features are also knitted with yarn. They were hand-made in Masouleh, Iran. To learn more about this culture, read the story.

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Location: Middle East

Capital: Tehran

Main language: Persian

Currency: Iranian rial


Construction: yarn and cloth

Height in Centimeters: 10

Height in Inches: 4

Living in Masouleh, Iran: The Mountain Village Built on Rooftops

Reading Level: 6.30

My name is Tita, and I live in Masouleh. Masouleh is a very old village in the Guilan Province of Iran. The village is surrounded by trees, and there is a river running through town.  Masouleh is an historical village, and many Iranian and foreign tourists come here each year. Built on the side of a mountain, the weather in Masouleh is very foggy.

Masouleh architecture is unique. The buildings are made with clay and wood. They are all interconnected and built into the side of the mountain. In fact, our yard is actually the roof of the people who live below us. When you walk down the “street” you may be walking from one roof to the next. Cars and trucks are not allowed in my village because there are so many stairs.

I’m 10 years old and my brother, Tata is fourteen. We go to school in the village. My classroom has all girls, and we have a female teacher. Tata’s class is all boys, with a male teacher. We speak Persian in schoo,l but Taleshi is spoken in Masouleh. Taleshi consists of Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian and Guilaki words.

On weekends, Tata and I wake up early and gather the woolen socks, gloves and dolls our grandmother made. Tata and I then sell her crafts in the alleys of Masouleh.

My grandmother knitted two special dolls for me as a birthday gift. They are blue and white like the sky and clouds. Grandma also promised to teach me how to knit the beautiful dolls.

I like living in this historical village, our natural foods, beautiful sights and lovely family.

Story by Sahar Akhavan

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