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Handcrafted fabric Thailand doll wearing a Thai Bhorampiman costume, which is traditional Thai clothes from the central region of Thailand. She is wearing a long, straight, floral skirt with gold trim and applique at the hem. Her blouse is a green with long-sleeves and a gold sash. Her black shiny hair is pulled into a bun and accented with gold ribbon. She is wearing gold earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Tag: “Thai Doll: Bhorampiman Dress Made in Thailand.”

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Location: Asia

Capital: Bangkok

Main language: Thai, English

Currency: Baht


Construction: cloth, wood

Height in Centimeters: 28

Height in Inches: 11

Songkran: Thailand New Year and Water Festival

Reading Level: 6.90

Mali was very excited when she woke up—it was Songkran, the Thai New Year. April 13th is a very special day in Thailand—more special than January 1st. Songkran is a religious celebration and an official family day in Thailand.

This was the first time that Mali would put on a Thai Bhorampiman costume, traditional Thai clothes from the central region of Thailand. She was wearing a long green skirt with gold and red flowers, a long-sleeved green blouse, and a gold sash. She put her black shiny hair up and tied it with a gold ribbon. Mali was now ready to go to the nearby temple with her family to make a merit, a typical ritual for the Thai New Year.

Mali’s mom had prepared her best dishes, green chicken curry, fish cakes, steamed rice, and tapioca pudding for Buddhist monks at the temple. It is a Thai custom for people to prepare the best food to offer to the monks on special occasions. Her mom also cut some fresh flowers and prepared small candles and incense sticks to pay respect to Buddha images at the temple. When Mali and her family set out for the temple, she saw a lot of people wearing bright new clothes and smiling faces. “What an wonderful day!” Mom said. Then she realized that she forgot the perfume to sprinkle on the Buddha image. She asked Mali to quickly run back to the house to get it. Mali ran as fast as she could, even though it difficult with a long, narrow skirt.

When they got to the temple Mali and her mother offered the flowers to the Buddha images, lit the candles and incense sticks, and quietly prayed. The temple hall was crowded, but everyone looked happy, waiting to hear the monks’ summon. It will be a long preaching, but it was something that Mali was used to every year. This will begin the New Year with a clean slate. After the monks had breakfast, everyone would have a chance to enjoy the special, delicious foods they brought from home.

When they left the temple, Mali and other teenagers started splashing water on each other. Water-splashing and smearing white powder on faces are all part of the tradition. It is a great way to cool off on a hot day in Thailand!

In the afternoon, a parade with the Buddha image takes place. People pay respect to Buddha by sprinkling water and perfume. Sometimes there is Miss Wan Song Kran contest, and beautiful women wearing traditional Thai costumes participate in a parade.

Songkran is a national holiday in Thailand. People make an effort to reunite with their family. In the evening, they pour water on the hands and feet of the seniors in their family. It is the way to show their respect, and the elderly will give them blessings. All in all it is a fun-filled day for everyone in Thailand.

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