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Man, woman, and baby dolls made entirely from wool in Maine. A technique, called needle felting, is often used to make small objects or people from wool. The male doll is holding a stick for a Shepard’s staff, and he has a beard. The woman has a scarf on her head, covering her brown wool hair. The baby has yellow hair and is wrapped in a blue blanket. The figures were purchased at the Done Roving Farm.

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USA: Maine

Location: Northeast United States

Capital: Augusta

Main language: English

Currency: US Dollar


Construction: wool (needle felting)

Height in Centimeters: 15

Height in Inches: 6

Guard Llamas to the Rescue: Protecting Sheep in Maine

Reading Level: 4.90

As Stephen walked into the kitchen, his wife, Paula, asked him why he had purchased 2 llamas for their sheep farm. Paula and Stephen live in the Maine, near the Canadian border. They make a living by raising sheep. The heavy wool on the sheep keep the animals warm in the cold winters in Maine. Each spring, Stephen shears the wool from the sheep. Then Paula washes the wool, makes yarn, and sells it. 

Paula put her hands on hips, and asked again, “Why did you spend our money on those two funny looking animals?” Stephen answered, “Paula, try to understand. The llamas will save us money in the long run. Llamas have good fur for yarn. They also have a good sense of smell and powerful legs to keep coyotes away from our flock.” Paula glanced out the window and hoped her husband was right.

Two months passed without any trouble. Then, one afternoon, Stephen went to the fishing village to buy some lobster. Their baby was taking a nap, and Paula was picking wild blueberries in the field. Suddenly Paula heard a terrible commotion coming from the field where the sheep were grazing. When she ran to look, she saw two large husky dogs attacking the sheep. One sheep was already dead!

Paula screamed and the baby started to cry. Before Paula could think about what to do, she saw the llamas running across the field. As the sheep were darting in all directions, the llamas started chasing the dogs. 

Just then Stephen arrived home and went to get the shot gun. But the dogs realized they were no match for the deadly hooves of the long necked animals, and they ran away. 

Stephen called the sheriff to report the dogs. Meanwhile, Paula walked over to the two llamas and gave them a hug. She would never again doubt the wisdom of spending money to buy llamas!

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