Description of Figure/Doll

This motorcycle figure is made with a glass bottle. It features a man on a Harley-Davidson. The glass bottle currently contains H D Heat Hot Sauce. THe main is wearing a cotton bandana on his head with stars and stripes. The motocyle is 10 inches (25 cm) long and 2 inches (5 cm) wide.

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USA: Wisconsin

Location: Midwest USA

Capital: Madison

Main language: English

Currency: US Dollar


Construction: glass, cloth

Height in Centimeters: 13

Height in Inches: 5

Harley Davidson Motorcycles: Two Young Men with a Dream

Reading Level: 6.36

My name is William Harley and I was born in 1880. I lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My best friend’s name was Arthur Davidson. Arthur and I both worked at a bicycle factory when we were 15.

One day, when Arthur and I were peddling our bikes down the street, we were passed by another biker. He was going at a very fast speed. Arthur and I looked at each other. We noticed that he was not even peddling! His bike had a little motor attached to the bike’s gears. It was the motor that was pushing him along.  As he rode by, I knew I wanted a bike like his.

Whenever we had free time, we worked on adding a motor to our bikes. Arthur had two brothers who helped us create and test our prototypes. We called our motor bikes the Harley Davidson motorcycle. By 1905, we were able to sell five motorcycles. The next year, we sold fifty! 

My brother, Walter, was a talented motorcycle rider. He raced our Harley many times and won many road races. This helped attracted even more sales. Soon, our company was able to sell thousands of motorcycles.

Harley Davidson Company now has motorcycle factories in many countries. Harley riders are very loyal to the brand. From young to old, our riders are a close knit community. Our motorcycles are also popular with the military and police forces. They have starred in many movies, such as “Easy Rider.”

Everyone knows that the state of Wisconsin is famous for cheese. Yes, Wisconsin is the “dairy capital of the US.” However, it is now also famous as the House of Harley Davidson.


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