Description of Figure/Doll

Zimbabwe figure made with fiber from a baobab tree. Baobab tree bark is used to make rope, baskets, cloth, hats, etc. The fiber is two toned, with the darker color forming the hair, eyes, mouth, etc. This is a traditional children’s doll in rural Zimbabwe

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Location: Southern Africa

Capital: Harare

Main language: English, Shona, Sindebele

Currency: Zimbabwean Dollar


Construction: woven baobab fiber

Height in Centimeters: 23

Height in Inches: 9

An African Safari: Lions, Hippos, Crocodiles, and Giraffes

Reading Level: 3.90

My name is Zuka, and I live in Zimbabwe, Africa. My father works as a guide on animal safaris. Last week, he let me go along on a trip. Three photographers were coming from London to take pictures. English is our main language England ruled our country many years ago.

The first day we drove up to a national park in a jeep. As we drove along, we saw lots of giraffes. They quietly nibbled on the trees high above the ground. We watched them use their long tongues to reach the leaves. Dad pointed out the little birds (called ox peckers) that sat on the neck of the giraffe. The ox peckers eat the ticks on the giraffe necks. The big giraffes and the little birds looked like an odd couple.

As we drove on, we came to a rise in the road. Directly in front of us was a pride of 14 lions. We stopped, and Dad told us to be very quiet and watch. The biggest male lifted his head and stood up. I guess he decided that we would not be very tasty, and he sat down. The female lionesses and young cubs sat down also. Whew—that was close! The photographers snapped many pictures of the lions, and we drove away.

The next day, we drove up to Victoria Falls. It is the largest and most beautiful waterfall in the world. We saw many crocodiles, but they seemed to be sleeping. Lucky for us! Next, my dad pointed out a pod of 30 hippos in a shallow part of the water. Only their noses and ears were above water. Then a hippo opened its mouth and let out a loud call. Wow—that was scary. Dad said hippos only eat plants. But he warned us to stay out of there way because they are very, very strong. Click, click, click went the cameras.

The safari was an eye-opener for me. Seeing how excited the photographers were helped me see the real beauty of my country.

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